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Real Analysis provides professional analytical services exclusively to the real estate industry.  By utilizing financial modeling applications widely accepted in the industry, Real Analysis provides owners, developers, investors, lenders, brokers, and property managers with the tools necessary to facilitate decision-making and to forecast financial objectives.  


Founder Sandra Peacock, holds degrees in both Business Administration and Accounting and has over twenty years of experience in the commercial real estate financial industry with concerted emphasis in cash flow modeling and analysis, as well as property budgeting.  Having worked for and trained under premier real estate development and management companies, Sandra is highly proficient in the capabilities of comprehensive forecasting and reporting tools.  

When you simply don't have the resources to do the project internally, consider
 Real Analysis as your out source partner.  From regional malls and apartments to single tenant buildings, mixed-use to pre-development pro formas, Real Analysis has the industry experience to provide you with financial models and analysis for your use in forecasting, underwriting, valuation, financing and property management budgeting.


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